RIP Isabelle, Hello Long Island

Last week, I mentioned that I got a new 4K camcorder. I got it just in time. Our sweet puppy was already sick and under the care of a vet.

She was sick enough that Joe decided to come down from New York a couple of weeks early, and it was good that he did. While he was driving, she had an incident where she became unresponsive and I ran her to the emergency vet.

She seemed to be responding well to treatment, so the next day when we to go visit her we started becoming optimistic. But, then she was gone that early afternoon. I’m not sure if it was meningitis, heart disease, or a brain tumor.

I was worried about her when Mom gave me the camera. So when she had a good day where she was willing to go outside, I filmed something I hoped would only be used to let Joe see his family while we waited for school to end. I can’t edit the 4k version until I get a desktop, but we have it and it will be treasured. Joe and I keep watching the mobile version I stuck on YouTube.

The aftermath was that since Joe was here, we would leave before school ended and sort the aftermath out later. So, that’s why I missed my Tuesday post and this isn’t the flash I promised to return to. On Tuesday I was in a car pressing to get here in time for Joe to get to work. Half a country, no hotels, no stopping for a proper meal, and a carsick baby, exhausted and grieving. One of these days I’ll have an enjoyable road trip, but it wasn’t this one.