This Week Has Been Visual

This week, I played with video footage. I’d say it was a distraction from my writing, and it’s true that not much writing has gotten done, but multimedia writing is all the rage lately with this internet thing, so naturally I have plans for some of my video.

Last weekend, my daughter turned three, and she lucked out because we live near the beach now, and there was a carnival on the boardwalk nearby. So, she got a toddler-friendly video with extra saturation. It was a hit, she laughs at footage of the rides, and that’s satisfying because Joe was getting a little frustrated at the time I spent pointing the camera at “boring stuff”.

But I am I, and being thusly so, I enjoy looking at the world a little differently.

I so don’t mind giving music credit above that spaceship. Anyway, I call this “working” and justify it with the vague passing idea I had for a carnival-themed story collection, and this is “inspiration”. Now you will have to excuse me because I have untouched beach footage to “work” with. But I shall leave you with a parting gift.