On Hiatus

When I started this blog, and all through maintaining it, I have been laboring under the delusion that I could maintain this as a side project while I wrote a novel. That hasn’t happened, I think that perhaps I’m the kind of writer who must focus on one thing at a time, or I loose my train of thought and give myself writer’s block.

Finding time to write is hard enough with a toddler, and with fibromyalgia, it takes me a lot of effort to keep on top of chores, and often migraines or chronic fatigue and what they call “fibro fog”, a difficulty concentrating, all seem to combine to limit my writing time.  Trying to find something to retweet that I haven’t retweeted lately is getting to be more difficult, and I’d really like to pull my act together and focus on finally writing a book.

I’ll still be around on my non-fiction blog occasionally, where I’ve already started a little discussion on the book and its inspiration, and I’ll be back here because I love writing flash. Just got to focus, and buckle down for a bit.